Hawaiian, Polynesian and Hula Dancers
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Professional dance troupe specializing in Polynesian dances. They provide wholesome entertainment for various events and functions.

Along with their lovely hand-crafted costumes, with costume changes during the show, audience participation, live or recorded music and several different dances they guarantee that your guests will be on their feet doing the hula or shaking their hips to the beat of Tahitian drums.

Here is brief description of shows.

HAWAII: Hula is much more than just dance. Hula is the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. It is an expression of history, religion and the human spirit. Hula tells a story about life in Hawaii through graceful hand movements. It's not about coconut bras and grass skirts!!

Wearing, beautiful tall headdresses, grass skirts and hand tassels, the dancers perform the Otea, moving their hips to the fast, pulsating drum beats.



2) NEW ZEALAND: Maori poi balls, which are balls attached to long cords, are twirled and swung about the body to form patterns, in a lasso-like high-energy display. In some cases, flaming poi balls are used. Canoe dances are also performed to tell a story of the Maori people migrating by canoe from Polynesia to New Zealand.
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